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Casoli is a medieval village in Camaiore comune in the Lucca Region in Tuscany, Italy. The village is situated about 400 metres above sea level in the Alpi Apuani (the Apuan Alps), 40 minutes north of Pisa, just inland from Viareggio. At the foot of the mountains is the town of Camaiore.


Casoli has approximately 600 inhabitants and is an old mining village where the inhabitants in the village used to live on olive production and on chestnuts and chestnut flour. Still today there are many dessert specialities made of chestnut flour.


Casoli has a greengrocer’s and a couple of general stores and bars which serve drinks and good coffee.  Both the bars have pleasant terraces looking out across the valley and to the sea. More grocery shopping can be done in Camaiore or Lido di Camaiore. The larger supermarkets offer extremely good prices on wines and spirits.

A kilometer up the road from the village is an excellent Osteria (country restaurant) called Il Chiosco nel Bosco. It serves delicious, typical home made local dishes at very reasonable prices. 

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The history of Camaiore dates back approximately to the 190 a.C. when the Romans, having founded the town of Lucca, decided to build up some fortifications at the foot of Mount Prana, the so called Lucensis Colony, located in the great plain (Campus Major) from which the name Camaiore derives.

After the fall of the Western empire, the territory was exposed to innumerable barbaric invasions, most of which were led by Goths and Byzantines. 
Lucca regained the command of the city with the aid of the Longobards.

The powerful palatine stole control of Camaiore from Lucca and its people but, around in 1230, the city returned under the influence of Lucca and in 1308 became an administrative centre.

The city, badly protected, had to endure more dominations and new destructions, like that caused by German mercenary Forbes in 1329.

In 1440 Camaiore fell under the grip of Francesco Sforza and the domination of Florence.

The city was again under Lucca authority in 1470, but in 1620 lost the title of “administrative centre” in favor of Viareggio, which, thanks to its trade, assumed a greater importance to Lucca.

In 1847, the city became part of the Granducato of Tuscany under Leopoldo II, and in 1860, with the plebiscite, it was annexed to the Reign of Italy.

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Casoli and La Fontana seen from the other side of the valley