Walks in the area

Casoli to Metato

Thera are many walks in the beautiful countryside around Casoli.
A lovely one is to walk from Casoli to Metato, a village on the other side of the valley but hidden round the corner overlooking the sea. It's the village you see to the right when you drive up to Casoli.
It takes a couple of hours to walk. It´s not very difficult apart from a bit of clambering up some bad bits in the path at the beginning. When you get to Metato there is a nice restaurant called "Il Fondaccio" - which can be found on Facebook or Tripadvisor (they don´t seem to have a webpage).
Metato (a Metato is a small building where chestnuts are dried and stored) is a small village with glorious views over Camaiore and the sea. It's lost a lot of its permanent inhabitants to holiday homes and the bar closed years ago.